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Cedar.Media is a proud partner with Finley Mimbles Productions. Congratulations on your 10 Telly Awards and feature movie awards!

The Village of Middlevale

Feature Film, USA, 2015, 94 min
DIRECTOR: Amber Celletti
CAST: Frank Roberts, Paul Richter, Sarahann Rickner, Nick Gates


The Village of Middlevale is a comedic, feature-length, improvised mockumentary. The film revolves around a group of young outcasts that give up their modern lives to found a medieval village in the woods of Western Washington. Witch burnings, uprisings, rivalries and hilarity ensues as this group of misfits learn to live with each other.

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First Responder Videos

Congratulations to Finley Mimbles – recipient of 10 Telly Awards!

Telly_AwardsBringing FirstNet to WA state was awarded in the following categories:
Online webisode, segments, promo pieces-Motivational
Online webisode, segments, promo pieces-Informational
Online Video- Information
Online Video – Documentary
Online webisode, segments, promo pieces-Motivational

FirstNet In Washington State was awarded in the following categories:
Online webisode, segments, promo pieces-informational
Online webisode, segments, promo pieces-web series

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