About Us


Mark and Amber Celletti: cool father, awesome daughter team

Human beings communicate in a rich tapestry of ways, from stories at the campfire to smart phones. But no matter what form it takes, good communication brings people together in expanded awareness and understanding. The most effective messages involve selfless and fearless collaboration, serve a greater good, and reflect the broader truths of our interconnections. The Cedar Media logo design is a canoe to represent collaboration and teamwork – the foundation of any successful endeavor.

Phone: 253-732-1950
E-Mail: celletti123@comcast.net

We have 10+ years experience in:

Video Production

  • After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Motion, Camtasia
  • Cinematography, Editing, Animation, Storyboarding, Scripting, Directing, Lighting, Sound Engineer
  • Event AV, Life Size and Polycom video conferencing, LiveStream, GoToMeeting

Graphic Arts

  • PhotoShop, Illustrator, In-Design, Adobe CC, Camtasia, MS Office, PowerPoint, Keynote
  • Still Photography, Illustration, Infographics, 3D Design, Augmented Reality, 3D Studio Max, Maya

UI and Web Design

  • HTML5, CSS3, Adobe CC, DreamWeaver, Flash, SharePoint, php, Javascript, XML, Server Configuration
  • Wireframe, Info Architecture, UI, UX Design, SEO, Web Analytics, Mobile Design, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  • Writing, Editing, Social Media, Blogs, Instructional Design, E-Learning Systems